Allele by Ruth Padel

Mystery of tiniest difference, invisible, unknown.
Flight of the tiniest humming-birds, in sequence.
Crimson wings above an unknown sea
in autumn wind. The mystery of migrating.

Fireflies, invisible, occult as Kabbalah,
tiniest wings folding on lightning glow,
sleeping through bright mysteries of day.
Plankton, invisible in the pelagic zone

till they become a mystery of the moon,
sequence of tiniest shooting stars, unknown
phosphorescent sparks in white spray
on black water, racing behind the skiff.

Mystery of the tiniest difference. Allele,
occult as Kabbalah, shadow in the mirror
of the self. Tiniest freckle visible at dawn
on autumn sea, when wind scatters crimson cloud.

The Other, the unknown. Embedded in
the tinest difference and revealed in song.
The stranger who should be welcome in your home
for stranger may also be god.





Music from the Genome
wellcome trust